Thursday, August 25, 2016

What the Tea Party & GOP hide from rural Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Senator Kathleen Vinehout has spent years compiling the information which shows exactly how much damage has been done by the Tea Party controlled Wisconsin GOP and the true cost to the tax payers.  This was done using only information which comes from the government of Scott Walker himself.

This information comes from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the state agencies which report to it.  Politicians are known for saying one thing and then doing another.  Just like how Scott Walker and Travis Tranel promise us that economically, Wisconsin is in great shape and then go behind closed doors to create a hack and slash budget full of emergency/desperation provisions because "economically speaking, Wisconsin is actually in terrible shape" and more and more extreme measures are needed to keep the ship of state afloat.

It is kind of like if Scott Walker and his pal Travis Tranel were walking around and loudly bragging about how they have billions of dollars in the bank but refuse to show anyone the bank statement to prove it.  Without proof, words are just words and nothing more.

Senator Vinehout ignored the words and went straight to the source to let the people of Wisconsin know exactly what is going on and where we are at this point in time.  And the information is very shocking and powerful indeed.  The chart at the top of this page for instance, shows how childhood poverty has grown in Wisconsin along with the cost to taxpayers due to the increase in need for free or reduced school lunches for children.  And please remember, this information comes from Scott Walker's government agencies themselves.

Please click on the link below to see the full presentation, the damage done and how a complete and detailed plan is waiting to be implemented which will turn everything around and return Wisconsin to prosperity and plenty.


  1. Republicanism in WI is a mental disorder.

    1. It is not "republicanism, it is outright fascism.

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