Monday, July 25, 2016

G.C. Dems Report Card

Greetings friends and fellow Democrats

We are happy to inform you that the Democratic voters of Grant County earned themselves a very solid grade of A- for voter turnout in the spring 2016 election.  We saw a significantly larger than normal amount of people casting ballots for their candidates.  That is really, really good but there is still room for some improvement.

We have great faith that the Democratic voters of Grant County will show up in even larger numbers for the August primary election than we all did in the spring primary.  An A- grade is pretty good but we are predicting an even higher grade for voter turnout on August 9th.

Some people find it difficult to vote on election day due to work schedules and other matters.  We strongly encourage you to cast an absentee ballot before the election if you think there is any chance you may have trouble getting to the polls.  Get absentee voting information and answers to all your question regarding voting and the elections here:

Our friend Kory Kozloski of the Democratic Party Of Wisconsin has this to say about the upcoming election:

Hey there everyone!

Wanted to send a note to thank you all for being such great supporters. It's thanks to you that we're able to keep fighting for Democrats across our great state.

I take great pride in being a Wisconsin Democrat. We're fighting for education, equality, a balanced budget, and hundreds of policies that are moving our state forward.

There's a big primary coming up and we need to make sure every voter understands how important this election is for our community.

It's crucial we have a great lineup of Wisconsin Democrats on the ballot this November.

Keeping Wisconsin blue starts with casting your primary ballot
Commit to vote in the Wisconsin Democratic primary.

Here in Wisconsin, we need elected officials that put people ahead of politics, and that's why we need to turn every single voter out to the polls this primary season.

Make your voice heard -- commit to vote today:

Kory Kozloski

The big race everybody is paying attention to in Grant County is of course, the race for our representative in Congress.  Candidate Myron Buchholz is challenging incumbent Ron Kind for the seat in the 3rd Congressional District.  We hope that you will consider both candidates and vote for your choice.

Here is the link to Myron Buchholz for Congress website:

Here is the link to the Ron Kind for Congress website:

We would also like to mention that the next meeting of your Democratic Party Of Grant County will be on Wednesday the 10th of August at 6 p.m. at Berry Yo in Platteville, we look forward to seeing you then.

Thank you all for taking the time to be informed and responsible voters.  It is you and your vote which will turn Wisconsin around from it's recent, downward trends.  Nothing can happen without you.

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