Wednesday, September 19, 2018

fake media talk response

Since you good folks on the political right claim that 99.999% of all news sources are the "liberal media" and not to be trusted. Since you are willing to believe that there is a conspiracy, spread across the entire planet dedicated to spreading "liberal lies" and only yourself and Fox "News" have the amazing genius and mental prowess to see through this conspiracy which is the largest single human creation in all of history, I have some questions for you.
Please explain to me sir or madam, just how every single nation on Earth, every single media outlet across the entire planet, every government in this world, decided to and then secretly carried out, a plan to wage an information war on the American Republican Party?
How did 7 billion people keep this secret? How did every single nation on Earth come to an agreement for the first time in world history, not to end war, not to end famine, not to cure cancer but, just to give Republicans unreliable information?
How are 7 billion people benefiting from this and why???
The Republican Party, it's billionaire donors, and Fox "News" have lots of money and power on the line here and have a lot to benefit from misinforming people. Why doesn't that factor into this equation???
Perhaps the answer is that it never happened? Perhaps the Republican Party and it's billionaires donors who own Fox "News" (and some blogs and websites, the other sources of "real" info for GOP voters) have gotten you to believe that the whole wide world is nothing but a conspiracy to give "smart and highly informed" people like yourself misinformation?
Bonus question; What is the definitions of paranoia?
Bonus question #2; What is the definition of megalomania?
"It is easier to fool a person today than it is to convince them that somebody else fooled them yesterday." Mark Twain

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