Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The home stretch

This is it friends, one week until election day.  And up and down the Democratic ballot, things are looking pretty good for us.  Only one more thing is needed to continue our forward progress and ensure victories for our candidates and our families and ourselves....and that is you.

We need you.  Democracy needs you.  Nothing magically just happens in life.  Democracy requires participation and that means more than just voting.  It means talking to people about the candidates and issues.  It means displaying yard signs and writing letters to the editor, to your local paper.  It means volunteering just a little, tiny bit of your time and effort, and in return you can make Wisconsin a better place for yourselves and your progeny.

DID YOU KNOW That of the many, many Jesse Bennett for Assembly campaign volunteers, there are two who have logged in more than a thousand hours of volunteer time each?

It's true, and amazing as that is, still just a little bit more is needed.  Starting tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be distributing Jesse Bennett campaign literature in communities throughout Grant County.  With so many close elections over the last two cycles, it would be horrible if we lose this election by a couple of votes.  By a couple of votes that could have been swayed if voters had had enough information on candidate Jesse Bennett.

Could you please find it in your heart to donate an hour or two of your time?  Especially after so many others have worked so hard and so selflessly for so long?  Volunteering is easy, convenient, fun and patriotic.  We aren't asking you for very much.  We just need some people to step up and get literature ready for distribution.  Using a hole punch, putting a rubber band through the hole.  Bundling up literature in preparation for distribution and of course...distribution.

Distribution is simple and easy.  No door knocking, just walking a few blocks through a neighborhood, hanging a piece of literature on a doorknob and moving on to the next one.  That is it! It is just that easy to have a huge effect on the future of your home and state.  Very easy and very necessary.  Democracy doesn't work, can not exist, without citizens taking part in democracy.  We hope you can find a couple hours between Wednesday and Sunday this week to help.

We will distribute literature in Lancaster on Wednesday (tomorrow) starting at 10 am and are meeting at the courthouse there.

We will distribute literature in Benton & Dickeyville starting at 10am Thursday and are meeting at the Democratic Party office in Platteville that morning.

Saturday we will be distributing literature in Platteville.  That morning we will also meet at 10 am at the Platteville office located at 960 Washington Street.

We could also use some folks to help us on election day by driving folks without transportation to their voting places.  However you would like to volunteer, let us know by sending an email to and tell us what you would like to do and when you can help.

Speaking of election day, if you have any questions regarding where you should go to cast your ballot or other voting related matters, just click on this link for all the information you need

 Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please share this information with anyone you know who may be interested in volunteering and if you haven't already, please vote on Tuesday November 8th.

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